Best online slots: top providers and examples to try

Best online slots general overview

When it comes to choosing best online slot machines, lots of criteria and attributes will have to be considered. Players need to decide what is their priority? For instance, a progressive jackpot machine will need to consider slightly different criteria than best online slots with higher RTP.

However, common attributes do exist and they certainly should be taken into account when choosing the tool to gamble on. Here are some of them:

  • Decide the number of reels that are ideal for a player (usually from three to seven).
  • Think for ideal number of paylines.
  • Always consider return to a player percentage (RTP) even if it is decided to play progressive jackpot slot.
  • Find out whether scatter and wild symbols do exist and how often they can appear.
  • Consider whether a video slot will suite a player better than an ordinary slot.

Best online slot may also differ on the basis of frequency of payout, which means that higher frequency payouts will be lower than the payouts that are made with rare frequency.

Qualities that are associated with the best slot

There are also quite a few aspects that may be regarded as very important when it comes to consider qualities of slots. First of all, general perception of the slots that have been developed by respectful software makers from the top ten list will ensure the implementation of the latest and advanced technologies (NetEnt, Microgaming, IGT, Playtech etc.). For instance, best online slots UK on most occasions use the software of the leading program makers. Here is what else is associated with quality:

  • The graphics of a slot.
  • Plot of a slot and characters that are used.
  • Bonuses in the form of free spins and their frequency.
  • Rewards in terms of ability to hold certain reels to get perfect combination.
  • Best online slots with wild and scatter symbols.
  • Jackpot sizes.
  • Although RTP can be preset by the dealer, higher percentages are also regarded as high quality aspect.

Quality of best online slots will ensure fairer and more enjoyable gambling process for every player who decides to challenge their luck.

Starburst slot features

Starburst is certainly one of the best online slots real money that can be put into. The following criteria prove that this machine is one of the best.

  • Colorful themes.
  • Crispy graphics.
  • Produced by NetEnt.
  • Five reels are featured.
  • Twenty paylines are used.
  • RTP is amounted to 96.10%.

Gameplay has lost of entertaining action. The plot of the slot features precious stones and stars that are made out of it.

Age of Asgard slot features

Age of Asgard is regarded to be as one of the best online casino slots that can be found. Here is why:

  • The slot is developed by Microgaming.
  • Dark blue, purple and yellow themes.
  • Precise and outstanding graphics.
  • Fifty paylines can be used.
  • Five reels in total.
  • RTP is preset at 96.20%.

Best online slots allow to make the bet and win regularly because of lots of wild symbols and captivating plot with icy sculptures and snowy characters.

Guns N’ Roses slot features

The best online slots review could not come without Guns N’ Roses slot. It features the following criteria:

  • Designed and developed by NetEnt.
  • Colorful themes.
  • Twenty paylines to be used.
  • Five reels modern slot.
  • 98% of return to a player.
  • Storming and impeccable graphics.
  • Expanding wilds.
  • Multiplayer.

The famous band, retro styled music disc, guitar picks, etc. make the plot of the slot. Wild and scatter symbols make it one of the best free online slot games that can be as well played for real money that can be found today.

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