Best online slots games – how to make the right choice?

Best online slots games – what do we know about them?

Many online casino players sometimes prefer slots instead of poker or blackjack. And it does not matter for what reason. Any game of chance can be evaluated in terms of the probability of a win. When tossing a regular coin, the chance to guess the correct result is 50%, and when playing roulette – only 2.7%.

Estimating the chances of winning in best online slots games for real money is much more difficult because they use a different number of symbols, reels, lines and prize combinations. But in order to choose the right video slot for a successful game, you do not need to immerse yourself in boring mathematical calculations. Responsible developers provide the gamblers with all the necessary information about the slot – you just need to learn how to read them correctly. Let’s have look at how to choose the best online slots games.

How to find best online slots games

We have prepared for you a list of life hacks that will help you make the right choice!

  • Pay attention to RTP. Return to the Player is one of the key features of the slot. It indicates the average value of the win in relation to the bet and always turns out to be less than 100%. RTP reflects general statistics based on millions of spins. The best manufacturers of video slots have established a kind of standard, according to which the RTP of best online slots games varies in the range of 95-97%.
  • Check volatility. Volatility is another important characteristic when choosing a video slot. In the best online slots games description, it is indicated in the Volatility column and is indicated as High, Medium or Low. Volatility allows you to assess the level of risk for a particular slot. More risky games involve rare but large wins, less risky games – frequent, but small prize payments. The choice of the level of machine volatility depends on the style of play that the gambler adheres to.
  • View the payout table. An experienced gambler will play the best online slots games without first looking at the payout table. Pay Table is a real gem. You can open it by clicking on the Information icon on the menu of any game. The table shows the cost of each winning combination. Sometimes it is indicated in the absolute value for the selected bet, sometimes in the form of a coefficient.
  • Try the demo. To choose a slot machine, it is not necessary to play for money. Currently, the developers offer free versions of their video slots. Portfolios of games are available on the official websites of companies and are available for anyone.

This information allows you to evaluate the chances of getting a progressive jackpot, and also indirectly indicate the level of slot volatility. The more combinations involve the payment of significant prizes, the higher the risk of the game.

Examples of best online slots games with short descriptions

After the gambler checked all the indicators mentioned above, let’s consider the best offers from developers.

  • Serengeti Kings from NetEnt. This slot is designed in the style of the “The Lion King” and was released in January 2020. The slot has 26 pay lines and 96.2-96.7% of RTP. The min. bet is $0.10, the max bet – $100.
  • Wild Blood 2 from Play’n Go. The first part of the slot was released in 2013. The Wild Blood 2 was launched in January 2020 as Serengeti Kings from NetEnt. This slot has 20 pay lines and 96.54% of RTP. The max. payout is $500.
  • Red Hot Tamales from IGT. This is also a fresh slot launched in 2020. The RTP of the Red Hot Tamales is equal to 95.83%. This slot machine has 27 pay lines and the bets vary from $0.27 to $540.

Now when you’ve become familiar with the main life hacks and the best slots, making a choice will be much easier.

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